Hypnosis for Pre and Post Operative

Do you dread the thought of a visit to the dentist?

Perhaps you have even canceled an appointment that may well have saved future problems. Or perhaps you are about to undergo medical procedures either as a day surgery or more involved process. Almost invariably your stress level increases. Even just a visit to a doctor can cause ‘White coat syndrome’, where your blood pressure can rise appreciably just by the anticipation of being in the doctors office. The anticipation of pain, the sense of loss of control, being in unfamiliar surroundings – all these things can contribute to an elevated level of stress.

Hypnotherapy will ease the stress

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, at a time when there were no anaesthetics, hypnosis was used as anaesthesia dramatically improving the survival rates of surgery patients. The last twenty five years has seen numerous studies confirming the positive effects of hypnosis both during and after surgery.

How it works for you

Hypnosis has been shown to lower levels of serum cortisol (a stress hormone), thus allowing the mind and body to stay calm. Approximately one week before the procedure you will have a hypnosis session. The session will be recorded. You will listen to the recording prior to the procedure to facilitate relaxation and if necessary also listen to the session after the procedure to aid and speed recovery.

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